Spinning Coins

Spinner Coins, Centre Spinning Parts!

A coin spinner is an excellent looking coin that comes in a variety of styles. Additionally, spinner challenge coins are a great way to market your business and will last for years. Note, the spinning centre coin is a high spec creation, extra  die cast molding fees will apply.

The high spec spinner challenge coin can be customised in an almost countless number of ways. To order top-quality coin spinners, contact Custom Challenge Coins.

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Single sided

If you choose a single sided custom coin there will be no design on one side, this can be a smooth effect or  sandblast effect.

Double sided

A double sided custom spinning coin gives the wow effect, both sides the same design or can be different.

Amazing centre part spinning coin creations

Up to 4 different sections of the spinning coin can be created, full spec, full colour - you choose!

There are various styles of coin spinners, each of which is excellent looking. As well as being a great marketing tool, spinner challenge coins will last for years to come. Almost countless customization options are available for the high-spec spinner challenge coin. Custom Challenge Coins offers high-quality coin spinners.

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