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Custom Coins Production

Custom Coins Creation

A traditional, yet totally unique, custom product designed to celebrate once-in-a-lifetime events, achievements, and successes. Create endlessly customizable military, challenge, or commemorative coins that are as unique as the recipients they celebrate – all at a price that won’t cost your organization too many coins.

Custom Coins are a unique and personalized way to commemorate special events, honor achievements, or promote a brand. They can be designed with specific logos, artwork, or messages, making them a memorable keepsake for recipients. Whether used as a token of

appreciation or as a marketing tool, custom coins add a touch of distinction to any occasion.


In the past making your own coin was an ordeal and a half, having to carve out a die and strike malleable metal under several tonnes of pressure. These days, it's as simple as making a 3d model and sending it to a CNC mill for machining

To order custom coins, you can follow these steps:

  1. Determine the type of custom coin you want, such as non-color, full-color, boxed, or spinning.
  2. Decide on the design, including logos, artwork, and messages.
  3. Contact a reputable custom coin manufacturer or supplier.
  4. Provide them with your design specifications and any necessary details, such as quantity and material.
  5. Work with the manufacturer to finalize the design and receive a quote.
  6. Place your order and make the necessary payment.
  7. Await the production and delivery of your custom coins, which will be ready to commemorate your special event, honor achievements, or promote your brand.

Producing custom coins is one of our specialties

Our company specializes in creating customized coins. We can create any type of coin you want, whether it is a commemorative coin, challenge coin, military coin, or insert coin. The gift of a personalized coin is a wonderful way to express your gratitude to a person or a group. Take a look at our amazing custom coin boxes if you are interested in getting your custom coins quickly.

Choose our free custom coin design service!

With Custom Coins, you can choose up to five FREE enamel colors for both sides. The coin can be personalized on both sides with your artwork or design. Larger coins are available.

A perfect gift for the military, armed forces, and more. You can give these coins as gifts to members of your organization that will last a lifetime. With FREE art & setup and four colors of enamel, the double-sided challenge coin gives two different areas to include names and logos.

Insert Coins are available in three styles-- Soccer, Torch, or Double Insert-- on a gold finish. Our artists create custom coin backings with your logo printed on them. We offer unlimited color choices and just a two-day turnaround time. Personalized insert coins are ideal for sports groups.

Why Our Custom Coins?

Custom Coins And Awards has been in the industry for over 12 years. We are America’s largest awards manufacturer and we are proud to offer Crown’s Custom Coins to fit any budget and gift-giving ceremony. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest prices available, making us your Custom Coins manufacturer of choice.

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