Custom Full Enamel Medals

Choose a high spec enamelled medal

Custom Medals Enamelled

Medals made of coloured enamel are the most popular medals we offer. These medals are made of stamped steel or iron with a soft or hard enamel fill and are coated with amazing colours.Choosing the enameled medal.

Coloured Enamel medals are the the ideal rewards for achievement such as running events, sports events, shiny gold, silver or bronze effect, Nickel or Brass plating is standard, and up to four enamel colours can be infilled. You can order them in 50mm and 60mm 70mm 80mm 90mm + diameters and 3mm thick.

Custom Shaped Medals

Full Colour Cut Out , any shape you wish- We can create a cut out medal ,then fill with amazing colour.You can event add sparkle colour if you wish.

Round Shaped Medals

Choose a simple round shape medal , from just 40mm to a super large 120mm medal, all full colour your choice.

Super Shaped Medals

We can create any shaped custom medals, with amazing finishes such as 2 and 3D effects , multiple colours.

"Choose your colours and let us create full coloured medals today"

Our full color enamelled medals are very impressive. They look like glossy, colour-filled medals. We can design any size medal this way; simply send us the design and we'll make it. We produce the most popular medal, the custom full colour medal. Up to ten colours allow you to create the perfect medal.The process involves a hand dripped colour infill, once applied its then added to each section of the medal then baked to finish.

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