Boxed Coins

When making a decision on which type of coin to choose for your collection or as a gift, the Custom Coin Boxed option is an excellent choice.

In our latest offering of custom coins, we are proud to offer these beautifully crafted coins tailored to meet your unique preferences.

Here at custom coins and awards are fully equipped to offer you any design creation you choose. This is so that the final product is exactly what you had in mind. Additionally, we understand that you desire the finest quality materials, and we take pride in offering you the option of gold plating or bronze plating. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that our product is of the highest quality when it comes to craftsmanship, durability, and aesthetics.

With the Custom Coin Boxed option, you can rest assured that the coin will be well protected and beautifully presented to showcase its intricate details. Whether you are a seasoned coin collector or just starting out, adding a Custom Coin Boxed to your collection will elevate its overall value and give you a sense of pride in owning such a unique piece. Choose the Custom Coin Boxed option and experience the beauty and quality for yourself.

Choose a custom boxed coin in sizes from just 30mm, a custom single or double sided coin can be easily placed in a perfect box from as little as £2.95, colours from red, navy, green, on offer, Velvet or Leather boxes.

Choose Boxed Custom Coins

With a boxed coin finish you can add a special touch to any occasion. Commemorative coins, military coins, challenge coins all can be boxed in a velvet or leather custom fitting box. Sitting perfectly your custom reward coin will have perfect safe home.


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