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Custom Part Enamelled Medals

Part Enamelled Medals

A customised part enamel medal is perfect for achievement events such as running and sports competitions. It can be plated in nickel or brass and up to four enamel colours can be infilled.

They come in diameters of 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm and plus and a thickness of 3mm.Choose any shape medals with parr filled colour, perfect for any sports or event they look amazing.

Choose Part Enamelled Medals

There is something very impressive about the part-colour enamelled medals. The medals appear glossy and filled with color, but they are only partially filled. The medals we make can be made in any size; simply send us the design, and we will make them for you. Custom full colour medals are our most popular medals. The perfect medal can be created using up to ten amazing colours.

Part Enamelled Medals


Part Enamelled medals come any spec enameling. Medals are perfect for creating memories that are truly unique, making them perfect for realizing your wildest dreams.

Create & Design

We will design and Part Enamelled Medals for your event, club, meet, sports event or tournament.

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