Non Enamelled Coins

Custom non colour coins can look as stunning as coloured coins, the most popular options are silver or gold plating.

When considering custom coins, it’s important to understand the differences between non-colour and colour custom coins. Non-colour custom coins offer a variety of design options to make sure your unique vision is realised. With these coins, you have the ability to customize your coin with your chosen design, logo, or text. You can also decide on the type of effect you would like, whether it be a 3D or 2D effect. Additionally, you can choose from a range of antique gold or silver plating options, which can add an elegant touch to your coin. Understanding the unique features of non-colour custom coins can help you in determining the type of coin that will best serve your needs.

Non Colour Custom Coins

Non-colour custom coins are perfect for all occasions, including promotions, celebrations and commemoratives. We have various finishes and levels of quality. Choose from a single or double sided coin.

Shinny Effect

Shinny finish custom coins look fantastic, they are not as popular as the antuquie finish coin but have a shinny effect finish, silver or gold is an option.

Antique Finish

Antique finish custom coins unique and vintage looking custom coin. Choose from a silver or a gold brsuhed effect.


You can use these custom non-color coins to display your pride and tell others you belong to the organization. A 3D coin can be an effective marketing tool as well as a way of raising awareness for a certain cause. Non-colour commemorative coins are produced through die stamps or casting methods, or if you need something extra special, we are experts in traditional coining methods that produce a superior finish.

Choose Non Colour Custom Coins

These custom non-color coins are a great way to show your pride in your organisation and let others know you're a member.In addition to being a marketing tool, 3D coins can also raise awareness for a particular cause.


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