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Elementor #5343

Type of medal

Due to manufacturing processes, materials, and where they are produced, many types of custom medals differ in price. Your medal vendor of choice can usually help you understand the main differences between each type so you can confidently choose the right one for your needs (budget, event theme, deadline, etc.). 


What is the number you need? In general, custom medals cost less per unit the more you purchase.

The number of medals you’ll need depends on the nature of your event, but waiting until registrations are closed could lead to a big expense. Shipping charges for rush delivery instantly increase “how much it costs” to get your medals on time. You can (and should!) order your custom medals as soon as possible even if you don’t know the exact quantity.  

Size / thickness of medals

A custom medal’s cost increases as it gets larger and thicker, as more material is required to make it. Also, keep in mind that shipping costs will increase as your medal weighs more.

Finishing with custom medals

There are many different medals finishes (gold, silver, bronze, each available in antique, shiny, or matte), and you can even get a custom color powder coat finish. Each of these finishes comes with its own price tag.

Features of medals


In general, the more features you incorporate in your design, such as enamel color fills, 3D Sculpting, moving parts, etc., the higher the cost will be.

Accessories for medals

In addition to custom neck ribbons, some people add engraving or even presentation boxes to their medals. Each accessory adds to the overall cost of your order. 

Managing time and logistics

You need to consider the time it takes to produce, import (if needed), and ship your product to your location. 

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