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Custom Corporate Pin Badges

Corporate Pin Badges

Brass, copper, aluminum, or precious metal can be stamped on corporate hard or soft enamel badge – We work with copper/zinc , but aluminum is a much lighter metal that is ideal for larger badges.

All of our bespoke hard enamel badges perfect for Corporate use. Hard or soft enamel badges are of premium quality and extremely durable, rendering them the perfect choice to gift as an award for a competition win, for use as corporate badges or if you are just seeking the superior finish hard enamel badges for your organization.

In-house design

Quality of the highest order

Award pin badges of any shape, size, and color

silver plated and gold plated hallmarked jewelry

Hard enamel, soft enamel, epoxy-resin, printed

Finishing options

Shapes, sizes, and colors of any kind

We offer logo-matching colors

Durable and hard wearing and long lasting

A butterfly pin, magnet, top hat, brooch clip, and other fasteners are available

Presentation boxes or backing cards can be tailored to your requirements

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