3D Coins

Why choose a 3D Coin?

Adding realistic details to a 3D Challenge Coin effect, is possible, whereas intricate designs work better on a 2D coin.Sculpted images and rounded edges with more realistic depth can be achieved with 3D coins because they have infinite levels of raised and recessed detail. 

The realistic detail of 3D Challenge Coins is possible. Due to the unlimited number of levels in 3D challenge coins, edges can be rounded and gradations between raised and recessed areas can be created smoothly.

Choosing 3D Coins

3D coin has layered textures like those in statues, buildings, mascots, and emblems, and begins with a photograph or realistic image. It is possible to add color to 3D coins, but this requires additional planning and will ultimately have a subtler effect. A 2D or 3D coin can be any size, but larger 3D coins allow for more details to be highlighted because they have more space.

Choose 3D

The use of 3D coins is a great way to add an element of uniqueness.Various designs and colours are available, and they can be stored and displayed easily.

Coloured 3D

3D coins can be coloured,3D coins can be coloured, and have intricate designs and patterns. 

Amazing 3D Colours

We add as many colours as you wish to your 3D coin

A 3D coin begins with a photo or realistic image, and has layers of textures similar to statues, buildings, mascots, and emblems. 3D coins can be coloured, but this requires additional planning and will ultimately result in a subtler effect. The size of a 2D or 3D coin does not matter, but larger coins with more space allow for more details to be highlighted.


3D most popular coin production

Depending on the level of finish on the surface, coins can have either a “2D” or a “3D” appearance. With the 3D coin most popular.

When 3D is a Better Selection

An accurate 3D Challenge Coin can be created. It is possible to round edges on 3D challenge coins and to smooth gradients between raised and recessed areas due to the infinite number of levels.

A complex, textural, or highly detailed design, such as a symbol or organisational iconIf the artwork is based on a photo or realistic object with curves or shading to give the artwork a sense of depthIncluding textural elements in buildings or vehicles Create a memorable challenge coin.

In 3D Challenge Coins, the details are more realistic, while in 2D Challenge Coins, the designs are more intricate. Both 2D and 3D coins have physical characteristics that alter their appearance, feel, and weight.To create a memorable gift that celebrates your business or organisation's well-earned achievements, we understand how important it is to completely capture your ideas. You can rely on our professional design team members to help you realise your vision into a commemorative piece that exceeds your expectations in every way.

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