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Custom 2D Coins

The raised level of a 2D coin creates edges and recesses which form flat images. Metal edges, on the other hand, can come in a variety of standard colours, but they also add color to artwork, which is one of the greatest benefits of 2D artwork.A 2D challenge coin can be tailored in a variety of ways to commemorate a particular achievement, challenge, or innovation. It is possible to design coins to have either a “2D or 3D” appearance, which can be achieved by varying the finish levels on the surface. 

Coins in 2D and 3D: what’s the difference?

Unlike 3D challenge coins, 2D challenge coins have raised and recessed metal areas (striked and non-striked). A 3D Challenge Coin gives you the ability to add realistic detail to the artwork, whereas traditional 2D coins offer plenty of room for intricate artwork.Choosing 2D Coins 2D Coins are a great way to add a unique touch to any project. They are easy to customise with a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes. They can also be used as rewards or promotional items. 

2D Coin Creation Service | 2-Dimensional design services.

 edges and recesses on a flat surface

Part Colour 2D Coin Creation Service

You can choose a Part Colour 2D Coin Creation, any colour can be matched and lay out on any custom coin.With the 2D effect you get a wonderful raised finish. A 2D coin has one raised level above a base surface, which creates edges and recesses on a flat surface. 

2-Dimensional Design Colours

Adding color to artwork is one of the greatest benefits of using 2D designs, which can be achieved with metal “edges” that can be customised in a variety of standard colours.

What are the Benefits of 2D Coin Design?

The advantages of rich color options and contrast are numerous The impact of simple designs is great Customisations are best added to this template. There is still a distinct design element, even on smaller coinsHigh polished plating options give them a shine without losing texture. Don't forget we supply a great range of custom coin boxes for protecting custom coins.

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