Custom medals

You can use custom medals not just for your sports event participants, but also for schools, sports, finishers medals, and achievements.

Order medals that are non enabled, part enamelled, or fully enamelled.

Silk printed ribbons are also very common when creating custom ribbons. Silk ribbons truly make people happy. You should also add military, sports medals, event medals to your collection. Military medals can additionally be customised.

Gold medals

Gold medals are the most popular custom medals. A shiny or elegant matte finish can be applied if required. Most medals are silver, gold or bronze.

The Bespoke Medal Service

Besides providing a vast selection of Medals through the Bespoke Medals service, Enamelled can also offer custom coins, with or without boxes, the perfect way to reward your team, school, university, sports club, military force or NHS worker.

Custom medal coins

A custom coin is an excellent way to express yourself creatively, and they can be kept forever. School Pin Badges are also available at

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Sporting medals awarded

Sports medals awarded at competitions

As an award, medals are used

Medals awarded for events

Medals of various kinds

Buying custom medals can be a cost-effective option

Various types of medals

Music medals that can be customised

We deliver bespoke medals

Custom medals boost company morale

You Can Reward Your Employees With Medals

The colour and finish of your choice

Selecting the material for the bespoke product

These are the top tips to keep in mind when designing custom medals

Custom medals for sporting events

During sports events, medals are awarded

No matter what type of race you are participating in, customised finisher medals make it more enjoyable. Endurance athletes experience an incredible moment when they finish an event and receive their medal, which they will keep forever.

Medals are used to award

Awards made from custom medals have many advantages. It is most common among athletes. Coaches, teammates, or spectators enjoy being recognised for their efforts.

Custom medals, whether bronze, gold, or school medals, show others how hard you worked, and that is something to be proud of.

Medals are awarded for successful events

Custom medals could also be beneficial for special order events in addition to those requiring custom medals.

Wood Medals

Wooden medals are very popular, they can be created in any style or shape, most wooden made medals can be coloured or non coloured, all with custom made ribbons

You could create custom medals as a gift for your employees if you are responsible for giving them gifts. An employee appreciation award can then include these as an incentive.

Medals for different events

Using custom medals for different events is not impossible. It will be a lasting memento for your employees if you create a custom medal for each one of them.

By creating something that is just as good and far less expensive than buying awards that typically cost a lot of money, you can save a lot of money.

The amount of money that can be saved with free neck ribbons, beads, or other awards makes saving a few dollars on custom medals a wise investment.

Reward yourself with custom medals

Medals can be awarded to employees, students, volunteers, and competitors. If you choose a custom medal for an event, the message you want to convey should be reflected in the design.

Medals can be ordered in a variety of ways. Shape and size, as well as font style and color, are customisable.

How to Order Custom Medals

There are many ways to purchase medals.

A Cheap Way To Order Custom Medals

A custom medal can often be purchased for the lowest price online. An online supplier will provide you with several options, including Shape and Size – Select the shape and size of the medal you want. Previewing your selection before making it is the most convenient option.

What Kinds Of Medals Are There?

Types of medals – Choose a medal that matches the recipient’s clothing type. For example, a gold medal wouldn’t be appropriate if the recipient wore a dress shirt. Instead, a silver medal would be appropriate.

It is virtually impossible to limit the number of colours. Your custom award can be personalised by adding a message or phrase to the back. Alternatively, you can engrave or paint. Find out how the text will be inscribed from us here

You can design your own medals

You can have medals designed by us here at custom coins and awards , a full medal design service is on offer, metal medals with many colour sizes on offer.

The prize can come in the form of winning a state or county song contest, being selected as the state songwriter for a particular contest, or winning a prestigious award.

Ordering custom medals

You can order your custom medals online within a few days to ten days once you have decided on the medal style.

Delivery Of Custom Medals

The delivery method you choose will determine when your order will arrive. When your order arrives, we will send you an email and tracking number. Regardless of whether a medal is made in inches or cm, it is measured using either system.

Create a custom medal to boost company morale

In addition to serving your organisation, you’re also boosting its morale by ordering custom medals. The look on your employees’ and visitors’ faces tells you that you’ve made an impact.

It demonstrates that your company cares about the results it gets from its employees and is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy them. Consider investing in medals for your employees if you want your company to win more awards.

Colours and finishes can be chosen

Custom medals can also be ordered in a variety of colours and finishes, such as gold, platinum, or bronze. A medal can also be customised with a recipient’s name.

The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to shop around so that you don’t pay too much for unnecessary services.

Deciding On The Bespoke Material

The process is really just a matter of choosing a provider once you’ve decided what type of material, design, and style you prefer. Medals of all types are available from a variety of companies at competitive prices.

Challenge coins

3D Challenge Coins can be created accurately.

Because there are an infinite number of levels on 3D challenge coins, edges can be rounded and gradients between raised and recessed areas can be smoothed.

You can find boxed custom coins in a variety of styles from a nice soft velvet box to a cardboard box if you are looking for a slightly less expensive option.

Finished in leather, these custom coin boxes can be some of the most popular.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a supersized custom coin?Extra large coins can be made starting at 70mm and going as high as 120mm. You can choose a soft enamel or a hard enamel.

Known as double sized coins these amazing custom extra large coins can come in a range of finishes, gold, silver, enamelled or non enamelled the choice is yours.

2D Coins production

A 2D coin and a 3D coin both have physical characteristics that change the look, feel, and weight of the coin.

Our custom medals can be engraved with any logo or engraving.

Materials, shapes, and sizes are unlimited. No matter if you already have medal award designs, you can still use the free design service.

No matter the sports event’s discipline or size, we are committed to contributing to its success. Aside from school trophies and corporate business awards, we also offer trophies, custom coins, medals, and awards for all sports and pastimes.

In addition to medals for schools, universities, and colleges, trophies, medals, and awards for end-of-season presentations, we also offer awards that recognise team members’ accomplishments within an organisation: