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As part of its bespoke medals service, Bespoke Sports Medals can also customise coins for team members, schools, universities, sports clubs, and military organisations. You can be creative with custom coins, which you can keep forever. You may also want to consider custom options for school pins

There are the following details in this article:

During sporting events, medals are awarded

The Olympic medals

Athletes’ medals

Various awards and medals

Ribbons and medals for events

Customized awards to recognize hobbies

Each event is rewarded with a medal

Custom medals can be purchased at a reasonable price

Medals come in different types

Music medals that can be personalised

Bespoke medals are awarded

The award boosts the morale of the company

With medals, you can reward your employees

It’s Your Choice What Colour And Finish You Want

Making a decision about the material for your bespoke project

Top tips for custom medals

Sports medals designed specifically for your event

When organizing a sporting event, you should consider custom medals. Open Water, Triathlon, Running, and Event Races are all popular for this very reason. The moment of finishing an endurance event and receiving a medal is often felt to be a truly magical one, one that participants will keep for a lifetime.

For award purposes, an award medal acts as a certificate

The awarding of custom medals is a great idea for a variety of reasons. Medals are popular for a number of reasons. Regardless of whether you are a coach, a teammate, or a spectator, receiving recognition for your efforts is satisfying. Having a custom medal shows others that you have put in the time and effort.

The award of medals for events

It is also a good idea to have custom medals for those events that require special orders. For example, someone who was decorated for bravery would not be worthy of a plain bronze medal. Instead of a Congressional medal, you might give him a necklace or bracelet, or you might even consider a custom medal if he is running for one.

These awards can be customized by adding an insert with a medal copy or an engraved picture. Creating these items would take more time, but the usefulness and memorable aspect would make it worth the effort.

Custom Awards for hobby sports

A wide range of hobbies and interests are enjoyed by many people. Some of these individuals have difficulty finding awards that fit their interests perfectly without being inappropriate. Custom awards are an ideal option for these people. There are many options available to customize these medals based on a person’s interests.

It is possible to customize the medal with artwork, engraving, or even add insert with a gem award. A custom medal collection isn’t limited to gem awards alone. In addition, these can be combined with other awards to create a collection that is both meaningful and unique.

You could give each of your employees custom medals if you are in charge of giving them gifts. After receiving these awards, the company can include them in its annual employee appreciation program.

Different medals for different events

Medals can be customized for all sorts of events. A custom medal will be something your employees can cherish for years to come if you decide to create one for each of them. Their pride in wearing it will also come from knowing it was given with great care and thought.

Creating something that is just as good and far less expensive than buying a traditional award is possible for a fraction of the price. It is a wise investment to save a few onnds on custom medals when you consider that free neck ribbons, beads, or other awards can help you save money.

Providing custom medals to employees, students, volunteers, and winners of competitions is a great way to recognize their efforts. You should choose the right custom medals for an occasion based on the message you wish to convey.

It is possible to order a medal in many different ways. There are several font styles and colors to choose from, along with font size and shape. A variety of methods are available for ordering custom medals.

An affordable way to buy custom medals

Custom medals are often most affordable when ordered online. Shape and Size – You can select the shape and size of the medal you would like when ordering from an online supplier.

This option is most convenient since you can preview your selection on the screen before you make it.

Types of medals

Types of medals – There are several different types of custom medals. When choosing which type, you should choose a medal in the same material type as the recipient.

For example, if the recipient wears a dress shirt, a gold medal would look out of place. A silver award medal would be more appropriate. The colors available are virtually unlimited.

Messages or phrases can be engraved on the back of the medal to personalize it. Alternatively, you can add engraving or paint. Find out how the text will be engraved from your supplier. Some suppliers will allow you to choose from pre-designed fonts.

Medals designed specifically for musicians

A custom medal can also be a music medal. When you hear the word “music”, do you think of musical instruments? Most people probably do. Music medals can be awarded for outstanding achievements in music.

A prestigious prize could be won in a state or county song contest, or a state songwriter could be selected. There is no limit to what you can commemorate with music medals.

Ordering medals

Choosing a medal style – Once you have chosen a medal style, you can proceed to ordering. Custom medals can typically be ordered in ten days or less from most online suppliers.

Choose your delivery method and wait for your order to arrive. When your order arrives, you will get a tracking number and email. How to measure – Custom medals are measured using the imperial (inches) system or the metric (cm) system. Don’t be confused! I know how confusing this can be! Measurements of standard medals are in inches, while custom medals are in millimeters.

Delivery Of Bespoke Medals

Boosting Company Morale With A Custom Medal

When you order custom medals, you are not only serving your organisation but also boosting its morale. When you see the look on the faces of your employees and visitors, you know you’ve made a significant impact.

Award Medals TO Staff

It shows that your company cares about the results it gets from its employees and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure they are happy. If you feel your company needs to step up its effort to win more awards, consider investing in medals for your employees.

Reward Your Employees With A Medal

Your employees are more inclined to work harder when you reward them with custom medals. The benefits will also extend to your company. Because of this, your employees will feel like the prize they receive really matters. Your workforce can be motivated by these custom medals gifts. It’s impossible not to want awards if they’re at stake, right? Motivating yourself in this way might be the ultimate goal.

Make Your Choices Based On Colour And Finish

Additionally, you can choose the finish and color of your medal when you order custom medals. You may also request that your medals be personalized with the name of the recipient. It is impossible to count the number of possibilities. Make sure you shop around so you don’t pay for unnecessary services.

Deciding On The Bespoke Material

When you decide which material, design, and style of medals you want, the next step is choosing a provider. All of these medal types can be purchased from several companies at competitive prices. If you decide to order, make sure you choose a reputable and trusted company. You will have to put in a little effort and time, but the result will be worth your while.

The above reasons may help you decide whether it is a good idea to order custom medals. Medals don’t have to be awarded only on special occasions – you can order custom medals whenever you feel like rewarding your employees for something meaningful.

By doing this, they will see that their efforts are valued, and that their boss appreciates them for them. Hopefully, they will continue to work harder and better in the future, receiving recognition along the way!

Send a loved one with a custom medal is a wonderful way to show your appreciation. They are awarded for special achievements, heroism. Soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the country are also shown appreciation with medals at military bases. Also, they can be given in remembrance of significant events, such as funerals or anniversaries.

The same holds true for team events. If an individual or team wins an individual event, they may be awarded a ribbon, gold, or silver medal for that.

Top Tips On Custom Medals Not To Forget

When looking for custom medals, the Internet is the first place you should turn. You can find them on a lot of websites. Offline, you will also find that there are several retail outlets in your area that carry athletic and other award medals. It is also possible to purchase certificates from many of them. Wartime medals from the old days might make nice additions to your walls if you are lucky enough to find them for sale.

Custom medals are popular because they can be customized to fit each individual’s personality or interests. It is common for people to order award plaques with their own pictures on them, for example.

Sports team logos can be very impressive for more aggressive individuals. Most medals have college logos, football team logos, or military insignia.

Getting autographed sports medals is another popular way to create custom medals. It is possible for these to come from almost any sport and at any level of competition.

Most commonly, you’ll see awards for college teams, national teams, and musicians. An award for outstanding performance is usually given after a game or event.

Custom medals require some comparison shopping and time. It may be possible to save money by purchasing in bulk, but this may not always be the case. Buying multiple medals in one set allows you to get a discount price.

Additionally, it is important to pay close attention to the lead time for these medals because if you order die-cast medals in bulk and they are sent out too quickly, your favorite team may have already purchased them in advance, leaving you without a promotional award.

In most cases, you can save money on custom medals by ordering in bulk. For promotions, team events, or music events where you’ll be receiving a large number of them, this is especially important.

The cost savings will be even greater if yoorderng a few neck ribbon inserts instead of just one. Also, if you know that you will only be giving one to each player or team, you can save even more by getting a two-piece medal rather than a one-piece award.

It is important to keep in mind that custom medals cannot be ordered with anything else. For award medals that you are creating for an organization, you may wish to consider a custom medal that includes their name and picture.

It’s a great way to put a personal touch on your promotional items. If you want something similar to a team jersey, you can do that as well. As a result, you can ensure that people recognize your company every time they see the medals.

Sports professionals, especially those in football, know how important it is to foster team spirit and win fans’ respect. Custom medals help to accomplish those goals. Your customers will notice your commitment to excellence and your pride in your employees when you add gem awards to your promotions.

Bespoke custom medals

Bespoke Custom Medals: Why Do You Need Them?

A variety of 35 medals are available on, including silver, bronze, gold, supercut crystal, or a two-tone finish. Professional athletes and participants who want the highest quality products for their events deserve a bespoke medal.

Each Bespoke Medal piece is uniquely designed by our team to enhance your appearance and enhance your performance while participating in the spohave. Please contact the manufacturer if you have any questions about medals available or how to order an item to meet your needs. Custom silk ribbons are available for free, with free design services.

Ordering Bespoke Medals

Your event may require custom medals for all the athletes, including children and adults. The award selection at is large and varied, ensuring you will find exactly what you are looking for.

The Olympic gold and silver medallists have won the right to wear the Olympic ribbon at home and on the road. When choosing a design and colour for your custom medals you will have a large choice of colours including gold, silver, bronze, silver, and bronze.

You can also choose from a range of finishes such as; antique silver, antique bronze, and polished chrome. If you want a particular emblem or logo to be used on your ribbon you can request this as well.

Many companies offer an opportunity to add text to your custom medals with a wide range of fonts and font styles including; script, block lettering, braided, and many others.

Awarded special medals 

For something a little different, you can find companies that create custom unisex sports medals.

These will vary slightly from the unisex bespoke medals with some being lacquered, some enameled, while others may just carry the company name, logo, and information you want to include.

The company will be able to provide you with all the necessary information and advice if you need any assistance in this area.

Different Shaped Medals

If you would like to choose a different shape and/or size of medal you will find that this can be done quite easily too. It is important to remember that the Olympic standard is generally made from 18 gauge brass so non-enameled medals will not be suitable.

In the case of a cheaper metal, you would probably find that the quality is less than ideal. In addition to silver, there are companies that offer the ability to engrave gold, platinum, and silver-plated materials.

A number of companies offer the service of engraving medals with gemstones. When choosing a customized spomedaldal provider, it is important to consider some of these options, even if they are more expensive.

The engraving and printing of medals

Many companies offer the option of engraving and printing the name of the event on the medals as well as any photographs or personal messages you would like to have on them. You can request that the name of the person responsible for giving the winning medallion be engraved on the medal.

There are companies that will engrave any medals you wish onto the medals for no additional cost. However, there are others who will charge a small fee for the service. Sports events such as horse races and football matches are ideal for personalized souvenirs like these. In addition, you can have your name and your personal message engraved on the medal as a memento.

Award Customized to Your Needs

In addition to ribbons, you may want to consider using them when making a custom-made award. There are many companies now offering ribbons and fabrics to make custom ribbons for medals. Color-coordinating them with the medals and other accessories can also be done.

You can add a sense of style to your awards by having ribbons made in various shapes and sizes. Among the many colours available for ribbons are pink, red, blue, silver, yellow and green. The ribbons can be customized based on your favorite sports team or even your hometown or city, giving everyone something to connect with.

Process For Custom Medals

The Big Question People Ask is – How does it work? Bespoke Sports Medals is made by a specialist supplier who deals in mass-manufactured sporting goods – particularly those associated with your chosen sport.

An expert team of artists handcrafts each medal in the same size, shape, and color as the original – ensuring every customized sports medal is authentic. Whether you order a hardstone or acrylic medal or one that is not enameled or plated, you are buying the real thing every time.

Medal Approach for Sports 

Our custom sports medals are of high quality, so why do we offer them? We make sure the highest standards are maintained when producing bespoke medals, so you know you’re getting the real thing. You can include your team’s logo and name on the medal as well as the exact weight and shape you want.

You can only get a medal this way, as the other options are either low quality or can’t be returned if something goes wrong. Custom sports medals deliver exactly what you expect.

Best Custom Medals Price

What is the best place to get a good price? You will find a wide range of good-quality, competitively priced companies that offer custom sports medals of high quality. In addition to discounts and free shipping, many of them have fast turnaround times.

Ordering Bespoke Medals

I want to order a custom medal. What should I do? We offer an extensive catalogue of professional medal designs, all with accompanying text and graphics, and an extensive color palette from which to choose your desired colour.

The expert craftsmen at our company will work with you to ensure that your design reflects the visual identity of the team or event you have selected. As soon as you’ve picked your design and colour, you can select the metal from which your medals will be made – either stainless steel or 18ct gold rhodium plating.

QUICK QUOTE Custom Medals

Is it necessary to fill out a contact form in order to place an order online? Our online store accepts major credit cards and debit cards. If you would like to get a QUICK QUOTE, click here. Your customized sports medals will be sent directly to your door, regardless of where you live, once you pay online. To make everything easy and simple for our customers, we aim to simplify everything.

Dio, do I require a Custom Design?

The big question we get asked is – Do I need a design to order medals online!? The answer is no our online website gallery has a quick quote page that is designed to make ordering custom sports medals secure and super convenient as we have said.

Ordering online will ensure that you get the customized medal of your choice – none will be the same as yours since no one else will have the same design as you. If you have received your customized sports medals in the mail, you can send an email of confirmation to the address listed on the website.

Wood Eco Medals?

Custom There is a wide variety of wooden, bespoke sports medals to choose from. It is possible to make any design look like a wooden antique medal by converting it into a wooden version. It comes with a natural varnish and a golden oak finish that’s hard-wearing. There are different sizes and styles to choose from. You can use them for special events at any time of the year, as well as competition days.

Copper Metal Olympic Medals

Copper is a popular metal for making Olympic medals. You can easily customize the designs. Bronze is an excellent choice for wearing on competition days to display the gold medal. For long-lasting awards, a steel alloy award is a good choice.

This is a great product for competitive sports events. The silver medal is an important part of the Olympic movement and one of the most popular options in custom medals. It is easy to have these converted to silver to fit your design.

You can use these for competitions or just virtual events. For those looking to enter virtual events with their teams, you can also purchase silver ones.

Bespoke medals look best in gold

There is no doubt that gold is the most popular choice for bespoke sports medals. If you want to achieve something but do not want to invest in a gold medal, consider a platinum medal. A heavy-duty medal will feel soft to the touch and be very durable.

They can be made in almost any size you desire, so you don’t have to worry about them fitting in.

Awarding silver medals on a bespoke basis 

Bespoke Silver Although not the first option for some, the rise of bespoke sports medal services has made this a more popular option. There are two types of these available: silver and gold. There is now a silver option available as well as gold and platinum.

It is also possible to engrave the item’s surface for those who prefer a less formal selection.

Choose Bespoke Titanium Medals 

One new material being used for bespoke sports medals is titanium. You can choose this medal if you want something lightweight and durable. It is also possible to get ribbons or other items in a variety of colours to match your design.

In order to enjoy the variety of options available, most people use the same design service for all of their pieces.

It is possible to create custom sports medals in many different ways. If it comes to choosing the metal, only your imagination is limited.

Consider non-enameled medals if you’re looking for something different but equally impressive. Compared with enamels, these are much lighter and usually engraved.

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